Trafag AG was founded in Switzerland in 1942 as a transformer company ("omen est nomen"). 15 years later, the company became a purely mechanical control device manufacturer (thermostats, pressure switches) and in the 70s, the entry into the electronics followed. The first attempts at sensor technology were made in the 1980s. Today, the company supplies the most precise and stable sensors in the areas of engines, hydraulics, transmissions, test benches, mechanical engineering, food technology, medical technology as well as gas density monitoring. There for specially developed high-tech key components are required, whether they are specific sensor elements or integrated components (ASICs, MEMS). The recent merger with the technology specialist Torque and More (TAM, Starnberg) complements this portfolio and helps to make Force, Torque and Position metrics accessible to a sophisticated clientele.Our independent, privately held company has set itself the goal of being more robust peak measurement technology & sensor technology to serve a variety of applications in a wide variety of industrial sectors and to solve complicated measurement tasks in the field with series products. The focus is on the desired customer solution, service and joint project work at the highest level.
  • heuteContactless torque sensor

    Indroduction of the first torque sensor.

    Torque sensor

  • 2016Moving to Unterensingen

    Time for a new location for Trafag Germany
  • 2016Front flush pressure transmitter

    Introduction of the flush-mounted thin-film-on-steel pressure cell
  • 2006Own ASIC

    Market launch of the first self-developed ASIC Trafag TR5
  • 1999Production of the first thick-film-on-ceramic sensors

    Production of the first thick-film-on-ceramic sensors
  • 1997Foundation of Trafag GmbH in Germany

    A new foothold is created
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